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A sleepy Gon opened his eyes wide when he felt a the soft warm contact on his forehead. There she was, his beloved mother. A giggle escaped Gon lips as he got up to wrap his arms around her gently, placing a kiss on her cheek in return.


The pause did not go unnoticed by Mito as she sat on the edge of the bed and began folding a pile of clothes.


"You don’t make it seem like everything is alright. Maybe you should try visiting him more often. He probably misses you. What’s got him so busy that he can’t spare some time for a friend, anyway?"

It wasn’t easy to explain, but it was exactly bad.

"Oh, it’s just that he has a job now! You know, hunters can be very busy." His purpose was very important to Kurapika, Gon didn’t want to bother him and he had tried to offer his help sometimes, but that was something his friend needed to do by himself and Gon could understand it.

"I visit him whenever I can! But he’s busy most of the time, that’s all."

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AU || 遊び仲間



Killua’s cheeks reddened and he fidgeted nervously. It was the first time he’d really been… Complimented on his writing. His folks told him to stop living in a fantasy world and to focus on what was right in front of him. They dissuaded him from doing what he loved in favor of what they wanted him to do.

Another reason he strongly disliked them and their ways. 


"H-Hey! It’s nothing… Honestly. I just like to get lost in my thoughts and then I write them down. Sometimes they take form.. Sometimes they don’t."

The embarrassed boy attempted calming himself by running his fingers through his hair. With only some success, at that.

"But… Now that I think about it… With your crafts and my stories… We could probably make up tons of games to play that nobody else would understand…" He admittedly liked to baffle adults when he could.

A rebellious trait of his, despite being given pretty much everything he wanted when he asked. Material objects didn’t make friends or make up for emotional neglect. 

"What do you think?"

A cheerful giggle escaped his lips. Maybe it wasn’t anything particularly special for him because he had it easier than Gon. At least he could write down his ideas sometimes, in his hands he had the proof of it. Gon’s ideas never took that form but he was happy enough with his crafts.

"…Tons of games?" He wasn’t in no position to reject such offer. It was the first time he had the opportunity to play with a boy his age, and so far they understand each other pretty well in his opinion. He gave a slight nod, though he didn’t understand yet what kind of games he meant, combining his crafts and his stories. Adults never understood what he did, and he was okay with that as long as they didn’t try to ruin his avocation.

"I… I really like your idea! What kind of games do you have in mind?"

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Completely… Without Nen. Normal… Gon was just like when they had first met, without Nen. 

Only now… They were thrust into a world where people were hunting them down. Gon would be defenseless against Illumi. Defenseless against ANY of his enemies. Killua clenched his fist, but attempted to keep from snapping at Gon.


"…I had a feeling it’d come to that. I’d just assumed… You wouldn’t be so stupid as to hide it from me for this long."

Who gave you permission to be so reckless? 

"…Who told you it was a good idea to hide this when there are people after us who want to kill you? Who know Nen and will take advantage of this? Why didn’t you tell me?

At the last part, Killua sent Gon a cold, cold glare. One that promised a fight if Gon dare fight back against him.

He didn’t plan this day to end up like this… Any excuse he could possibly had wouldn’t make a difference, right? When it came to this sort of discussions, he never wasn’t right. Perhaps he thought he was doing the right thing but it was never in that way to other people’s eyes, especially to Killua’s.

"I didn’t want to hide it…" Even if he hadn’t said anything until yet, it wasn’t because he didn’t want him to know. It wasn’t easy. When was he suppose to say it? And how? Hey, remember what happened before? Yeah, I can’t use Nen since then… Again he felt that it didn’t mater what he was thinking or the way to do it, it would be the same. He was wrong. Everything was wrong.

"I don’t want you to worry about me, I wouldn’t tell you unless I had to. I thought by the time you knew, I’d be able to use it again." But his wishes were useless now. Most of the time they were.

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"I haven’t actually slept yet, so… Of course." He promptly nudged Gon, wiggling a finger at him.

"Come on, get up. I need to ask what you think about something, seeing as I already made some plans."

That wasn’t surprising. But, what did he want to ask so early in the morning? Quickly Gon rubbed his eyes and gave his cheek slight pats, trying to brighten a bit.

"So… What’s it about~?" His voice still sounded a bit sleepy, but he was eager and curious to hear the plans Killua had made.

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A new day || AU || Open



Completely unsatisfactory.

Ina crosses her arms over her chest. “Well then. We best get searching.” She turns and starts to point, cow tail swishing. “As I said, the Nøkken sleeps in that direction. Not a good place to start unless you care for learning music. Now that way,” she points, “is a town. Quiet place, nothing all that interesting. Not fond of the forest.”

His pupils widen upon hearing her indications. It never crossed through his mind the idea that she would try to help him, even if she had warned him about that Nøkken.

"Thank you…" Now… Was that town the place he should go? Getting out of the woods was good and yet, somehow he felt that if he visited that place he would miss his old life. He didn’t want to go back. But, where to go? 

"What… What’s your name?"

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Private Detective!AU
 || WaitingForQuesters



"I have a policy of confidentiality, Gon." Ina glances over Nes’s curly hair at him. "I don’t talk about my cases with other clients."

"They’re often very personal for her clients," Nes adds. Fae and hauntings are always personal in nature; who’s child is missing? Who’s husband is lost in dreams? Winter, when all things search for warmth, often lead to more interaction between humans and hidden folk. "I only hear of them because I help sometimes." She offers him a muffin to keep his mind from the sore subject his father is. "Let’s see. How old are you, Gon?"


"Oh, I see…" He lowered his gaze. This was somethingquite personal for him as well, but he couldn’t understand the need of a policy of confidentiality. Others probably had more serious or important cases to solve.

"I’m twelve." He replied to Nes as he took another muffin. "Are you going to help the detective to find out more about my dad?"

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