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April 19, 2014
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April 19, 2014
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Gon chuckled as he scratched his cheek. He was talking to twin, he didn’t need to apologize for anything since rambling was innate in that bright and optimistic personality of his.

"I know, right? We were both such idiots, taking Killua for granted. But at least we’re making up for it now, yeah?" He smiled. Remembering the separation was always painful, but he was able to think a lot during the time when they were apart. He was relieved they were able to work things out, and even work out a romantic relationship at that. He was glad they were trying their best to make their own Killuas happy, because they deserved it the most after facing so much hardships and struggles, all for their own Gons. "Let’s always do our best together!"

And even if they did do their best, there were going to be those times where they would get carried away with their emotions, affecting those around them. Of course, Killua would be the first person to be affected by Gon’s impulsive burst of emotions. It was a difficult job, but Killua was strong-willed. No matter what would happen, he was there to help Gon. He always had faith in the white-haired boy. In return, just staying by his side and considering him as one of his most precious friend was enough for Killua. Was it an equivalent exchange, though? It was a mystery still yet to be solved.


"Aren’t we lucky people to have Killuas by our side?" He wouldn’t have asked for a better best friend and partner. Their conversation quickly transitioned from a casual story-telling to a heart-to-heart one. Both Gons obviously loved their Killuas just from the way they talked fondly about their best friend. Even though their separation was questionable, they were able to find answers they would never have found out if they were still together. Besides, they were closer than ever after being apart from each other for so long.


"That’s exactly what I was thinking!" He said half-jokingly and chuckled. He had assumed already that both felt the same, or at least that their thought process was highly similar. One thing was sure, both loved their Killuas to death.

That experience, being away from Killua had been really painful for him. But that time had served him well and end everything seemed fine now. Maybe it wasn’t perfect but it had never been perfect anyway. Even if they sometimes argued they were still together and they tried to sort out their problems. 

He was glad eveything was better now, so being alone maybe hadn’t been so bad. But no way he was willing to let something like that happen again. He couldn’t and he wasn’t going to make the same mistake. 

"I feel I’m the luckiest person in the world~." And he was being honest. Even if there were a million couples that were far more stable than them, Gon didn’t envy them. They were now closer than ever and he couldn’t ask for more than that. He was happy with what life had given him and he was sure that eventually things would improve and they would be much more blissful than at the moment, if that was even possible.

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"I added my other twin to the relations page! I feel that I’m leaving people out but I don’t know if I should add someone else…"

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► Same Difference



"Hmm… It’s good he doesn’t mind. As long as you’re both okay with it, then all’s fine!" Gon wouldn’t even think of biting Killua, since he would surely be smacked in the head. It seemed his twin and Killua were used to those kinds of things, so they could be left to their own devices. He was just happy his twin and Killua loved each other a lot and expressed affection not just emotionally, but physically as well. 


He noticed the slight change in the other’s expression. He didn’t want to ask about it, though. He knew himself best, so he felt some things were best left unasked. Maybe it was something private and personal? Those were definitely some things he didn’t want to know by pressuring his twin to answer. Killua was quite easy to get answers from if asked properly, even if most of his questions were random and silly.

And now, it was his time to answer a question from the other. By asking each other stuff like this, they would be able to get to know each other better in no time. They merely knew each other by their personalities and appearances. But by experiences, from zero knowledge to slowly gaining information about one another. They took different routes in their lives— that was one of the main factors that differed the two.

He bobbed his head. “Yeah. I even asked Killua how long he’s loved me, and he told me he held feelings for me ever since the days in Greed Island.” The colorful, fun and playful days. Even if they were inside a deadly game, it made the two closer nevertheless. “He also said that you know you love someone when you’re willing to do anything and everything for that person— you’d put them above yourself. He’d done that lots of time.” A warm smile tugged at the edge of his lips. “And now… I’m repaying his love and kindness by loving him back with all my heart.” He was almost in a blissful daze for a moment before snapping out of his trance. “Ah, sorry! I was talking too much. I always get carried away when I talk.” Especially if it was about his love for his best friend.

"Yes of course!" How was this concept that Killua had explained him? He couldn’t remember the name, but one could restrain the other’s movements and then be gentle or hard on him as long as they agreed, that was the essential point. Though it was something that should apply to every activity.

When his twin started talking again, Gon looked at him attentively. He had also asked him that question. They had talked about how long they had that sort of feelings after they had kiss, if he remembered well. Yes, he had admitted that he wanted to kiss him again, that was why they started to talk about how they felt about each other.

"Ehehe don’t apologize, you can keep talking!" It was pretty nice to listen to the other’s love story. Not only because stories with happy endings made him happy, but because he could also learn something from that.


"It’s curious, I also asked Killua that… So, since Greed Island, huh?" That helped him a bit to know in what stage of his life this alternate was. He probably had been separated from Killua already, unlike their other twin. Things were easy to explain in that case. "That thing your Killua told you is true… Being willing to do anything and everything… I’d never realized that Killua did that kind of things for me until he… wasn’t with me anymore. I was such an idiot." It was just as simple as people say, you don’t know what you have until you lose it and Gon had to learn that the harsh way. "Now I’m trying to make up for that." And because he loved Killua above all things.

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To all roleplayers I roleplay with:

If I didn’t reply:

  • YEP I  missed it.
  • I’m still working on it.

If you ever want to roleplay:

  • Invade my inbox and scream at me.
  • I don’t bite… I cut people in half (sometimes)
  • Ask for a starter or just post one and tag me~ 
  • This goes for EVERYONE. If our characters don’t normally interact THEY WILL AND THEY WILL LIKE IT.

Random notes:

  • You are kind.
  • You are important.
  • You are smart.
  • I love you all <3.

And to those I don’t roleplay with:

  • We totally should.

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Anonymous said: Hisoka dice que quiere ver que tanto ha madurado su preciada fruta :$ (?)


"Me sorprende que no haya venido a decirlo él mismo." Aunque era un alivio.

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It wasn’t just Gon who had to learn this time. Killua was responsible for his half of the problems and he knew it. So, this time… 

He wanted to run, he wanted to avoid the conflict and he wanted Gon to be his, but…

Little changes here and there. It was what’d been happening for so long now - little changes here and there, growing up and growing outwards. Killua had a few things he needed to change, himself, for the sake of their relationship. …Starting now, if possible.

So, he cast aside his nervousness and his easily embarrassed temperament and pressed a kiss to Gon’s temple. He took the journal up and cast it aside.

"…Love you… Gon." It was a start.

Gon had expected him to take his notebook and left the room without saying much, so his joy was big when he stayed instead and gave him a little kiss. 

"…Love you too, Killua." He replied with a shy smile. And with a slightly sleepy expression he gave him a quick peck on the lips. 

He had left the room to get some food when he discovered the journal, and because he read it he forgot to eat. It was getting late, fatigue was taking over him little by little.

"If you are sure there’s nothing else bothering you, I think we should go to bed…" He would go to sleep, at least. Killua schedules usually differ from his. "Or we can talk in the morning if you prefer." Maybe by that time they both would feel better and their ideas would be clear.

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